Here Is The Craziest Wedding Proposal Of Most. Really. Time.

It’s hard to understand what Austin Crecelius was thinking when he proposed to their girlfriend Allie on a moving roller coaster. “do not fall the band,” would need to end up being near the top of the list.

“i am hoping my pals are getting this on movie,” would-be an in depth second.

Evidently, at some stage in their own wacky connection, Allie told Austin that life was like a roller coaster, featuring its good and the bad. He latched onto this notion, foregoing an elegant restaurant or walk-on the beach for “The Voyage” at getaway industry.

Browse the video clip below. As Austin releases into his spiel and additionally they start to rise, Allie starts having to pay more attention to the lady cougar date site versus future drop. He’s in Speech Mode, maybe not their typical speaking vocals. She will be able to tell anything is upwards.

“existence has its highs and lows, twists and turns,” claims Austin, “therefore just tosses you for a circle sometimes.”

“but it is more enjoyable with a pal,” he goes on. By the point the guy gets to “thus I wished to ask you to answer…” Allie is overcome with feeling.

Also overcome to respond a great deal into terrifying origin that employs. But once they get to bottom, she actually is smiling.

Plus causeing this to be hand gesture — like, “Dude, what the hell ended up being that?”

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Great on Austin for incorporating one butterflies-in-the-stomach occasion with another for an offer his partner will not forget. And good-luck towards the new couple. Discover wishing that, no matter what downs and ups on their future journey collectively, it is filled with delights.