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The Best Mentors 
for your Personal Growth

The World Needs You!

The world needs your dreams! She needs your inner strength!

Only when everyone discovers their true calling and starts living it, will we as a society be united, strong and healthy.

Here at younity we combine the knowledge of the best mentors from all over the world so that this can become reality! 

The World’s Most Important Mentors

Every day we are searching all over the world for people with important messages, effective methods and deep teachings, so that we can bring the most important of these mentors to your home. 

The best learning programs and experiences

Learning is not just a matter of the Mind – the Heart has also got to be a part of it.
Our Online Programs and Live Experiences combine knowledge, wisdom and practice so that you acquire the most important skills needed for a fulfilling life.

Your Online Courses

Access the knowledge and wisdom of the world from the comfort of your home. With our online courses you get access to video teachings from the best mentors, through live coaching sessions you can overcome your challenges and also be supported by a community of people who are on the same path as you.

Online Summits

Several times a year the top experts, mentors, teachers, consultants and coaches from all over the world come together and unite on one platform. These summits will help you be inspired, discover tips and awareness tools and gain new, surprising and liberating perspectives on life. These summits are completely free and bring important knowledge for a fulfilling life to people all over the world.

Giving Back to the World

We are all part of this great natural planet. That is why it goes without saying that we as the big family of life on this planet should help and show each other consideration. Here at younity we use income to support families in Nepal, build school buildings, plant forests and pay for the maintenance of orangutans, who are cared for and then released back into the wild. The computer servers that our courses run on are powered by renewable energy and our office runs on solar power. 

What Our Speakers Have to Say About Us

Deepak Chopra

It was an incredible event, extremely well organized and well promoted. We all had a wonderful experience. If you are organizing an event in Basel, I recommend that you get in touch with younity. They are an amazing group of people who do a great job.

Neale Donald Walsch

I have given presentations all over the world, but nowhere in the world have I had an event that was created and presented so excellently as I have had here in Switzerland in Zurich and Basel with younity, with great attention to detail, everything done right, everything done so perfectly and which made me and my message so welcome. What an incredible organization, what a wonderful team. A team with great excellence in everything. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to come here and work with this fabulous group of people. It was the event of a lifetime. There is nothing more I can say except that it can’t get better.